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June 2010

All He Wants…

June 29, 2010

Yet God does not take away life, but plans ways so that the banished one will not be cast out from him. 2 Samuel 14:14

This is the heart of the Good News.  To know God, you must embrace Him as both holy and filled with grace.  The two are equal and congruent in the nature of God.

To do less demeans God and assumes that He is just too in love with man to stand up for Himself.  Like a weak-willed parent, He has given up on obedience and just decided to “love them where they are at.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.

He is and will remain through eternity, completely holy. Sin and its human host cannot be in His presence at any time.  Holiness demands justice, obedience and humility; characteristics that are woefully absent in the heart of every man.  Holiness alone rightfully overwhelms everything that is not holy, including me.

He is and will remain through eternity, complete grace.  Grace is having what I don’t deserve and not having what I do deserve.  It is not free because it cost God His own Son and is cheapened when it is bartered for with empty promises and silly trinkets.  In other words, you cannot make a deal to gain grace or pay for it with religious activity.  It is the single most precious and priceless gift that God has ever given.  You think creating the world was miraculous?  It was nothing compared to the grace that forgives all mankind.

This scripture from the tragic circumstances of King David’s life tell the story of holiness and grace in remarkable simplicity.

He plans ways… He is the Divine Architect of reconciliation who never gives up.

the banished one… His holiness does not destroy and His grace does not turn away.  He knows who you are and He knows your sin, but never gives up.  Our sin banishes us from His holy presence but the path of grace is well marked with the blood stained footprints of the One who leads us back.

will not be cast out from Him…. The gospel is the best news for the banished soul.  He seeks and saves through both holiness and grace, all with the intent of restoration.  The promise is bound by covenant, secured by proven character, and sealed in blood.  There is nothing left to say.  Jesus finished the task!

The way back to God is painfully simple, friend.  He is both holy and overflowing with grace. Only one choice needs to be made and it is to accept both.  Holiness will make you deal with your sin and grace will break your heart with His love.

Because in the end, all He really wants is you.


“There was a wedding… and Jesus also was invited…”  John 2:1

Weddings are one of the few events in which the future changes and things are never the same.  After the wedding, two families are melded into an entirely new family unit.  After the wedding, two souls that were independent and free thinking begin the journey of one.  After the wedding,  the charade of dating is left behind and the real work of relationship begins.

And today, my youngest son will be married.

For Jan and I, everything changes too.  In every aspect we gain…. we gain a daughter, we gain a new future, we gain an independence in our marriage as well as new responsibilities.  We gain a new hope, a new love and a new call that will overflow life in ways we never thought possible.  Weddings are good for everyone.

The first wedding was so simple.  Adam awoke, God introduced Eve, words of enormous commitment were spoken, God blessed them and released them to have a wonderful life.  Things were so uncomplicated in the Garden!

The second wedding where God showed up was at Cana.  It was there that Jesus began His public ministry and where He made His first “I Am” declaration.  It was Cana where He set the code of conduct for the Kingdom and it’s citizens… joy is a command, freedom is the order of the day and better blessings for all is a lifestyle.  Thankfully, John wrote down the history altering events in Cana because when God shows up, shakes things up and makes great joy flow out of empty vessels, it is a very big deal.

So Father, please honor us all with Your Presence today.  Shake us with a sense of Your awesome holiness as you create a new home, a new calling and a new family… and give us great joy, Lord.  You know we have all been a bit empty lately.


How Many Cubits are You?

June 23, 2010

Whenever I see the words “cubit and measuring rod” in the bible, I know I’m in for a long slow read.  The prophet Ezekiel was told to take up a measuring rod in the 40th chapter and 100 verses later he is still walking around recording one cubit after another.  Then God speaks in Ezekiel […]

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If the Lord Delays

June 17, 2010

Get ready folks, the kids have grown up.  The next generation of church leadership is taking the stage equipped with a new wave of communication tools, all in step with a new push of the Spirit throughout the world.  In two decades an entire vocabulary has re-defined communication with words like blog, twitter, email, and […]

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The Ought To’s in My Life

June 17, 2010

Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived. 1 John 2:6 According to John, my lifestyle must match my belief. If it does not, there is no reason for people to believe that what I say is the truth. It’s the “ought to’s” that catch in […]

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Have You Ever Been Lost?

June 16, 2010

“My flock wandered through all the mountains and on every high hill… scattered over all the surface of the earth; there was no one to search or seek for them.” Ezekiel 34:6 There is nothing more forlorn than a lone sheep blown about by a bitter wind. Ezekiel tells us that God was so grieved […]

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